“They are out to get you,
Run away, lock the door, and remove the stairs…”

These lyrics are from “They are”, an indie-sounding folk track with a bluesy feel to it. I wrote it a while back for a more classic-rock oriented band I did vocals in. Didn’t fit the bill, but turned out to be my most popular song at gigs.

Once, on an exhausting work trip to Verona, I had a few hours free around noon: I needed to rest and skipped all the tourist attractions. Lost my way, as I like to explore cities – and behind a perfectly ordinary wooden gate found the entrance to a magnificent Renaissance-era garden with secret nooks, labyrinths and stairs, hidden in a tower at the side of a hill, that led to a demon-faced terrace, overlooking the city. There, I took a nap and admired the view.

Wish I could say that’s where I wrote the song. No such luck – though, the impression this garden left reminds me of what music is to me – a space that appears and changes for each one  to enter; a small discovery that feels personal and pure.

Originally from Sofia, Bulgaria, I’ve just moved to the Netherlands. Writing and performing for a couple of years, I have a number of demos, band collaborations and underground gigs behind me. Currently working on an EP.

“Retro styled and folky by nature this is an elaborate affair despite its outwardly simple chords. The complication comes in a singer who emotes to this degree, fighting talk but with a soft touch. I’ve had conversations that haven’t reached this level of depth. Kudos.”

the Mp3hugger blog on “If We Fail” acoustic demo